stretching and strengthening system
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Why choose us?

  • Why Choose Us? - The Police Activity League (PAL) is an organization created to foster a healthy relationship within the community between youths and adults, laymen and professionals, and officers and civilians. Familiarizing yourself with the community you live in is a challenging yet necessary task. The PAL provides a phenomenal resource for exploring your options. Specifically with the Westbury/Carle Place PAL (WCP PAL), youth is a primary focus point in connecting the community, providing children with healthy outlets in building character, strengthening social skills, exercising, and curing idle time.

     The WCP PAL is a unit of the Nassau County PAL and has a long tradition of servicing children up to the age of 18 years old. the executive body of this unit as well as many instructors and coaches is made up of community volunteers. It is volenteers like the coaches at the PAL, that enable our communities children to participate in after school activities, to provide alternative environments for mental and physical growth.


    We at the WCP PAL, encourage children at an early age to step out of their comfort zone and challenge themselves in sport activities and conversing with their peers to build friendships. It is on the court or the field where young athletes are able to learn athletic and life skills; teamwork, leadership, communication, sportsmanship, and confidence. These skills are transitional to being an athlete, a scholar, and a productive member of society. The WCP PAL strives in improving the opportunities for today's youth in exploring their sporting options, socializing, and building character in a safe environment by hosting athletic sessions in local Elementary and Middle Schools within the community such as Drexel Ave, Cherry Lane, and Westbury Middle School.